Write better code with AI

| 2 min read

Artificial intelligence is most of the significant technology nowadays. It opens new ways on how we look at the data.

It can:

  • categorizing user’s messages to check the intention of the writer
  • writing an article for us
  • creating a whole application from mock-ups

So, why we don’t use them to write review code written by us?

Deepcode meets those needs

Deepcode is “The first real-time semantic code analysis — powered by AI” as it’s stated on their website. It’s created by Snyk. They take care of scanning your code in search of vulnerabilities. That’s why Deepcode has a strong background in scanning and analyzing the codebase.

Deepcode not only points code that can lead to bugs or vulnerabilities but also gives you a hint on how to solve it. It’s a quick and effective way how we can improve our codebase.

Deepcode support 6 different languages:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • PHP

and that’s everything for free.

Using Deepcode

We can integrate deepcode with several IDE. We can use extensions for VS Code, Sublime Text, IntelliJ, and Atom. Also, we can integrate Deepcode’s bot into our repository. Bot is leaving comments about code analysis and bugs founded in opened pull requests.

More information about where and how you can use this you can find on the Deepcode integrations page.

Where to use it?

I realize that’s not every project can take benefits from using Deepcode. Not in every project, you can use a tool that scans your whole codebase. It’s great for projects that have only one dev. The second pair of eyes is always at a premium. Deepcode can replace the second developer for finding minor bugs and common mistakes.


Artificial intelligence is amazing. Helps in more and more ways. Deepcode is perfect for side projects without many developers. It can help you assure that your code doesn’t contain common mistakes. But it’s not limited to that, it can help also you in big projects where complement developer code review. Try Deepcode yourself and let me know your thoughts.