Catch up on JavaScript: Cookie-es, TW Classed, Devalue, and more

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Hell freezes over before we get the easy native way of manipulating cookies. But if you need to pick something, I recommend this less than 1kb (min + gz) alternative for the most popular js-cookie.

TW Classed

TW Classed lets you create a primitive component on top of the Tailwind CSS but in a variant-oriented way. Produced components are type safety.


JSON serializer that supports more Maps, Sets, and BigInt. JSON spec should catch up with the development of the specification. Such libraries shouldn’t be needed but here we are.


Docusaurus has serious competition in React world. Nextra is fast, based on the next.js documentation generator. I’m using it personally and cannot recommend it more.


react-resizable-panels let you create sidebars or split views a delightful experience. Easy to use with tons of customization options.

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