Happy React: Reactions on your website for free

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Happy React website screenshot

I created a SaaS product to add reactions to your website. It’s free and very performant. You can use it on your blogs, documentation pages, or inside applications.

🚀 What?

Happy React provides a widget on your website for adding reactions. You can attach it to your blog post, so you can get reactions to see how people react to your content. This way you find out what your readers like and how your content performs. Also, it’s adding social proof of your content for other readers.

It’s not limited to posts or articles. You can add widget to documentation pages or any part of your application. Get feedback about how your users appreciate your work!

The widget is lightweight. Only ~1kb size of initial load. Widget is lazy-loaded by default. It has ZERO negative impact on Lighthouse scores!

You can customize the styles including the light and dark versions of your reactions. Also, you can customize what reactions and how many of them are displayed in your widget.

You can see how a widget is working under this post. Give it a try and leave your reaction!

🤔 Why?

I wanted to add reactions to my blog. When I was searching for a solution I found many services offering ugly, heavy widgets to gather feedback about your website. I didn’t want to go that way. I wanted to integrate it with my current blog, which is minimal and without heavy JS loading.

I made the decision. I’m making my custom reactions widget! But there was another problem. I can make it within a weekend for my blog but I have other projects where I can use it too. That’s how the idea for Happy React begins!

💅 How?

That’s my favorite part of every application. How is it built? It’s built with NextJs, Tailwind, and Supabase.

That’s not the end, I made a widget to attach to the website with Svelte. It’s incredibly performant and has a small footprint out of the box.

Lastly, there are other tools complete the whole development: TruboRepo and Nextra.

👀 When?

Now! If you find it can be a good fit for your website, please join the waitlist. I’m collecting feedback about it, squashing bugs, and adding more features.

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you think about it!

📋 Summary

Happy React is for every developer that wants to seamlessly add a reactions widget to its website. You can check documentation pages on how to add them to your project. I’m super excited about this project 🤩